Integral Blade Stabilizer

The integral blade stabilizer (IBS) is manufactured from high-strength alloy steel as a single-piece tool.   

Good hole quality

The unitized construction features three spiraled ribs, designed to minimize downhole torque, reduce damage to the hole wall, and ensure maximum fluid circulation. 

Wide range of applications

The IBS is well-suited for use in most formations, from soft and sticky to hard and abrasive. Type 200 and Type 300 wear surfaces are available. The tool can be supplied in both "open" and "full-wrap" designs for optimum hole wall contact. In addition, it is available in both bottomhole and string designs, providing the flexibility to run it anywhere in the BHA.

One-piece construction

The integral blades and tool body eliminate the risk of leaving components or pieces in the hole.

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Single-Piece Tool

Integral Blade Stabilizer
The Integral Blade Stabilizer (IBS) is well-suited for most formations, from soft and sticky, to hard and abrasive.

IBS Specifications

Integral Blade Stabilizer
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