OnGauge Torque-Reduction Sealed-Bearing Roller Reamer

Torque reduction minimizes stick/slip and downhole vibration

Designed with a bullet seal and bearing assembly, the OnGauge sealed-bearing roller reamer reduces downhole torque that is typical with fixed-blade stabilizers. Torque reduction allows a more stable drilling environment, enabling extended runs in complex extended-reach wellbore geometries. Reducing downhole torque also improves weight transfer to the bit and minimizes stick/slip so that more energy is available at the bit to improve ROP and extend the operational life of the drill bit and MLWD tools.

Cutter retention system provides assurance in harsh environments

A wedge-style cutter retention system prevents lost cutter incidents, and a durable sealed-bearing assembly endures high loads, temperatures, and rotary speeds to extend bearing life.


  • Extended-reach drilling (ERD) and complex well geometries
  • Torque reduction for severely packed hole assemblies
  • Extremely abrasive drilling conditions


  • Reduces downhole torque caused by well profile, wellbore spiraling,
    and doglegs
  • Maintains borehole quality and addresses ledging formations
  • Maintains hole gauge for abrasive conditions

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OnGauge Sealed-Bearing Roller Reamer Reduces Torque, Increases ROP

OnGauge sealed-bearing roller reamer improves ROP and reduces trip time while drilling for operators in New Mexico and Oklahoma.
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Bullet Seal-and-Bearing Assembly Reduces Torque

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