Reamaster-XTU Forged Cutter Arm Underreamer

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Withstand high shock and torque loads

The Reamaster-XTU forged cutter arm underreamer is designed with forged cutter arms to withstand high shock and torque loads. The ability to run more drilling weight on the tool and spend more time on bottom results in cost-effective underreaming.

Robust cutter arms optimize underreaming performance

The Reamaster-XTU underreamer has been designed with two large, robust cutter arms that facilitate an increased cross-sectional area at the underreamer cutter pockets. The design also provides more room for larger sealed-bearing and polycrystalline diamond compact (PDC) cutters for optimized underreaming performance. A positive lock keeps the arms in the open position. The ability to enlarge an existing pilot hole by up to 70% makes this product ideal for a range of drilling and remedial operations. 

Fluid distribution control improves hole cleaning

Gun-drilled ports through the Reamaster-XTU underreamer deliver more fluid, giving the operator greater control over the distribution of fluid across the bit and the underreamer cutters. Hole cleaning efficiency is improved, and the fluid requirements of other downhole tools are accommodated.

Customize cutting structures for various formations

Customized cutting structures are available for a broad range of applications and formation types. Sealed-bearing milled tooth and tungsten carbide insert (TCI) cutters are designed specifically for underreaming operations and are capable of delivering penetration rates and cutting structure lives, comparable with the drill bit. PDC cutters are also available for long intervals.

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Cost-Effective Underreaming

With the ability to run more drilling weight on the tool and spend more time on bottom.

Reamaster-XTU Specifications

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