Wellhead Systems

Cameron wellhead systems range from conventional to application-specific systems for geothermal wells, jackup rigs, unconventional plays, and more. Designed to reduce installation time and enhance safety, they use trims and proprietary sealing technologies for expected well conditions. Cameron was the first to engineer surface wellhead systems rated to 30,000 psi, 450 degF and qualified per API 6A Appendix F.

Multibowl Wellhead Systems

Compact Cameron multibowl wellhead systems have single-trip bodies and nested hangers for maximum versatility and efficiency.

Modular Compact Wellhead Systems

Suitable for onshore and offshore use, Cameron modular compact wellhead systems enhance safety and decrease potential NPT by reducing the number of BOP connections, wellhead penetrations, and through-BOP operations.

Conventional Wellhead System

Rated up to 10,000 psi, the IC conventional wellhead system can be configured to meet many service conditions.

Shallow-Water Exploration Wellhead Systems

Cameron shallow-water exploration wellhead systems provide significant time savings compared with conventional systems and reduce exposure to hazardous operations.

Heavy Oil Wellhead Systems

Our heavy oil wellhead systems provide fluid and pressure control for effective heavy oil recovery, including thermal recovery.

Geothermal Wellhead Systems

Our geothermal wellhead systems provide fluid control for virtually any type of geothermal reservoir and can also be used on thermally enhanced (steam injection) recovery, waste disposal, and hot-water wells.

Wellhead Connectors

Cameron wellhead connectors are reliable, fast-makeup connectors used as end connections for wellhead spools, housings, and BOPs.

Wellhead Control Panels & Surface Safety Systems

Cameron safety systems guard against loss of life and environmental and equipment damage by monitoring flowline pressure, detecting high sand production, performing alarm functions, and when required, shutting in the well.

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Wellhead Certification Programs

wellhead certification programs
Effective preventive maintenance programs, such as Cameron wellhead and Christmas tree certification programs, help ensure that wells remain viable in fields with long lives. Visit Wellhead Certification Programs page

Wellhead Repair & Remanufacturing

Wellhead Repair & Remanufacturing
Cameron offers a full range of wellhead repair and remanufacturing services to restore your wellhead to the level you specify, with factory warranties and installation support. Visit Wellhead Repair & Remanufacturing page