IC Conventional Wellhead System

Overview Specifications

IC conventional wellhead system specifications

  • Working pressure: Up to 10,000 psi (excluding tubing spool)
  • Operating temperature: –20 degF to 150 degF [–29 deg C to 65 degC]
  • Hangoff capacity: Up to 50% pipe body yield
  • Casing head housings: IC-2, IC-2-BP, and IC-2-L
  • Casing head spools: IC-2, IC-2-BP, and IC-2-L
  • Casing hangers: IC-1, IC-1P, and IC-2 slip and seal assemblies

Tubing spools and hangers

  • C tubing spool: HT, HT-2, T, T-CL, C-SRL, and CXS hangers
  • MTBS tubing spool: MTBS hanger
  • CD-2 tubing spool: CD-2, CD-T, and CD-T-CL hangers
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