Compact Geothermal Wellhead System

Versatile, compact design for cost-effective and safer drilling and production

The Cameron compact geothermal wellhead system is a horizontal production system based on the highly successful geothermal compact tree (GCT) system, which has long been regarded as the industry benchmark. The compact design of this wellhead can help reduce drilling, production, and construction costs. The shallow cellar requirement reduces pipeline and workforce costs and provides a safer working environment.

Compact Geothermal Wellhead System

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  • Horizontal production permits full drift capabilities during workover without having to dismantle the Christmas tree assembly. 
  • Body penetrations are limited to test or injection ports and side outlets.
  • Latching mechanisms for the centralizer and packoff have been developed from technology used in advanced subsea systems. 
  • Static elastomer seals are pressure energized. Plastic packing is used only for emergency sealing.
  • The system is available in all popular sizes and working pressures in either solid block or conventional flanged designs.

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