FC Fast-Connect HT Wellhead System

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Suitable for both thermal and cold recovery of heavy oil

The Cameron FC fast-connect HT wellhead system is a compact system designed for high-temperature applications, such as thermal recovery of heavy oil. It offers an alternative to conventional wellhead systems and can also be used for cold production methods. It reduces HSE risk because most of its components are installed through the BOP stack, optimizing installation time and minimizing rig time.

FC Fast-Connect HT Wellhead System

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  • Casing head and tubing spool feature other end connectors (OECs), which meet API 6A standards.
  • All connections are threaded, therefore unlike conventional installations, there is no need to cut, bevel, or weld.
  • Segmented landing base with holes enables the operator to observe returns or perform top job cementing.
  • Wellhead is ideal for drilling wells in stages in clusters or pads, using an internally threaded plug to ensure well control while the drilling rig moves off location.
  • Wellhead allows casing expansion (up to 2 ft) in thermal applications without restricting flow while accommodating wellhead axial and radial stress conditions.
  • Threaded flange enables quick and easy alignment of the wellhead system with steam lines, flow lines, or both.
  • Temperature range is 0 to 650 degF, and the maximum working pressure is 3,000 psi.
  • System accommodates casing program of 13 3/8 in - 9 5/8 in - 5 1/2 in.
  • Wellhead system eliminates time spent waiting on cement.

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