QC Quick-Connect Wellhead System

Easy to use system for cold heavy-oil production with sand

The Cameron QC quick-connect wellhead system is designed for cold heavy-oil production with sand (CHOPS), a technique that allows continuous production of sand with the oil and leads to improved recovery of heavy oil from the reservoir. In many cases, wormholes are formed in the unconsolidated sand reservoir, increasing well productivity. The compact QC wellhead system provides operational flexibility and ease of use; it can also be used with other cold recovery methods. Because it uses elastomers, conventional running techniques are applicable.

QC Quick-Connect Wellhead System

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  • System incorporates a horizontal Christmas tree (spool tree), resulting in a more compact profile.
  • Production wing valves and flowline do not need to be removed for well intervention or progressing cavity pump (PCP) repair.
  • Casing head and tubing spool feature dual seals for rapid completion and testing.
  • After cementing, the seal assembly can be run, locked down, overpulled, and pressure tested prior to releasing the running tool.
  • Annulus is securely sealed and tested prior to rigging down the BOP stack.

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