CSW Conductor-Sharing Wellhead System

Enables multiple wells to be drilled from a single platform slot

Cameron CSW conductor-sharing wellhead systems enable drilling of up to three dual-completion wells from a single slot, resulting in savings up to 20% on individual well costs and a reduction in platform size for added savings. The CSW system is available in 9-in, 11-in, and 13 5/8-in nominal sizes for working pressures to 10,000 psi. It is suitable for moderate to severe working environments.

CSW Conductor-Sharing Wellhead System

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  • Versatility: The integration of the CSW system does not require a commitment for a second or third well prior to spudding the first well.
  • Time savings: The CSW system is a proven time saver, with reduced wellhead and BOP installation required. In addition, our CAMFORGE weldless bottom casing connection system and SlipLock slip-type casing connection system can be used to reduce downtime.
  • Interchangeability: By making the components modular, we have reduced costs of both equipment and tooling.
  • Improved safety: By reducing the wellhead and BOP stack installations, the CSW system reduces openhole exposure and HSE risk. Weldless CAMFORGE and SlipLock casing connection systems reduce the need for open flames during wellhead installation.

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