Fontus Configurable Compact Wellhead System

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Next-generation Cameron wellhead system that delivers efficiency, flexibility, and productivity

‭Only Fontus configurable compact wellhead system offers the flexibility to choose metal-to-metal and elastomeric sealing ‭options in any combination, providing fullbore system efficiency in harsh environments that demand long service life. ‭Its globally standardized design enables push-fit installation and single-trip tooling, helping you increase operational efficiency ‭and maximize production uptime in critical applications.

Fontus Configurable Wellhead System

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Built-in proven sealing technology

The Fontus wellhead system is engineered with the evolution of the MRD recessed-bore metal-to-metal seal and CANH rough casing metal-to-metal seal packoff that can

  • set or remove on a low axial load for ease of installation or workover intervention
  • simplify installation from push-fit installation, reducing any NPT risk caused by rotation
  • reduce full system height
  • enable a single run for a combined hanger and packoff installation.

Faster installation

The wellhead system’s single-trip tooling package and standardized design enable superior installation times. The system also mitigates damage on installation that sometimes only becomes apparent after completion, therefore reducing the possibility of future costly workovers.

Flexibility for present and future wells

The Fontus wellhead system’s interchangeability and configurability enable various well designs and drilling scenarios while still conforming to a complete standard system.

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Maximum Flexibility for Increased Efficiency

Fontus Configurable Compact Wellhead System
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