Drill-Through Wellhead System

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Streamline operating efficiency and safety

The Cameron drill-through wellhead system maximizes efficiency by streamlining drilling operations. Well control is achieved with one BOP nipple-up, resulting in safer drilling activities and providing significant time savings that reduce rig costs. Mandrel hangers eliminate the need to set slips, rough cut, and final casing cut. Rig-up and rig-down is faster, fewer personnel are required during the process, and the period of time personnel need to work under suspended loads in a confined area is kept to a minimum. Hot work during the drilling phase is not required.

Drill-Through Wellhead System

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Saves time spent waiting on cement

With our drill-through wellhead system, there is no waiting on cement before lifting the BOP stack. The hanger is designed with integral flutes, which allow cement returns to pass up through the BOP stack. The casing head landing joint is tailored to the specific rig kelly bushing to ensure proper elevation of the cementing head on the rig floor.

Eliminate B-section spool when drilling out for liner casing

The packoff and bit guide are run through the BOP stack, locked in place, and tested. By eliminating the need for a B-section spool when drilling out for liner casing, about 8 to 12 hours are saved.

The drill-through wellhead system is available in 11-in size with 5,000-psi or 10,000-psi working pressure.

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Wellhead Certification Programs

wellhead certification programs
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Wellhead Repair & Remanufacturing

Wellhead Repair & Remanufacturing
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