MBD Multibowl Diverter Wellhead System

Reduced installation time through two-stage design

Cameron MBD multibowl diverter wellhead systems are two-stage, time-saving wellhead systems designed specifically for offshore applications. They are ideal for shallow-gas environments and unconsolidated formations. The multibowl design enables two casing strings to be run in one casing head housing.

The MBD system has a working pressure rating of 3,000 psi, and it can be used in moderate to severe service conditions.

MBD Multibowl Diverter Wellhead System

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  • Time savings: Two casing strings can be run through the diverter, eliminating one complete nipple-up and nipple-down cycle.
  • Versatility: The system enables a full range of completion possibilities, including MBS multibowl wellhead systems and conventional wellheads.
  • Flexibility: The MBD system can be used with mandrel casing hangers, emergency slip-type hangers, or a combination of both. Mandrel hangers provide simple, secure casing suspension with positive lockdown features.
  • Casing head: The casing head is available with butt-weld connections and Cameron SlipLock slip-type casing connection systems, as well as 4-in line pipe outlets for cement returns.
  • Positive annular seals: Casing strings hung in the casing head are positively sealed and tested prior to disconnecting the diverter.

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