MN-DS Multibowl Nested-Diverter Snap-Ring Wellhead System

Increased safety and well integrity

The Cameron MN-DS mutibowl nested-diverter snap-ring wellhead system is specifically designed for shale plays. Its compact design is configurable to eliminate intermediate casing strings and enables the wellhead system to be run through a diverter riser, saving time and cost. The system enhances safety and well integrity because it uses internal mechanical locking rings rather than external locking mechanisms such as lock screws, and it has no unnecessary body penetrations. Eliminating lock screws—which are widely used in conventional wellheads—significantly reduces potential leak paths and facilitates any wellhead intervention under the BOPs that may be required during drilling.

MN-DS Multibowl Nested-Diverter Snap Ring Wellhead System

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Faster casing installation to TD in deviated wells

The MN-DS wellhead system enables casing rotation, making it easier to push casing through to the heel of the lateral. With well lateral lengths continuing to increase, this ability is extremely beneficial. Because the wellhead system can be provided with a tension tubing hanger, tubing can rotate independently from the parent bowl.

Saving of time spent waiting on cement

An 11-in rotating mandrel casing hanger facilitates running through a 13-in BOP. Threads in the ID of the mandrel hanger make it possible to set a backpressure valve as soon as cementing is complete, enabling you to rig down the BOP and skid the rig sooner, saving the time conventionally spent waiting on cement to reach an acceptable compressive strength.

Tension hanger for maximum tubing life and fewer workovers

When a well requires artificial lift, tubing wear, the effects of thermal expansion, and buckling within the wellbore can create costly challenges. A tensioning mechanism is needed to maintain the required tubing ID, regardless of thermal deformation. The tension tubing hanger available with the MN-DS wellhead system maintains constant tension on the tubing string, mitigating rod wear due to tubing deformation and maximizing tubing life.

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MN-DS Multibowl Nested-Diverter Snap-Ring Wellhead System

MN-DS 	mutibowl nested-diverter snap-ring wellhead system
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