SSD-II Space-Saving Diverter Wellhead System

SSD-II system specifications

  • Compact and unitized system
  • Independent load shoulders
  • Production working pressures: 3,000 psi, 5,000 psi, and 10,000 psi [21 MPa, 34 MPa, and 69 MPa]
  • Spin-on API flange connection
  • Dual seals on hangers, packoffs, and wellhead interface connections; external ports for testing between the seals
  • Type H backpressure valve (BPV) profiles in both tubing and casing hangers
  • Use of latch-style JP2 BPV in drill-through applications, eliminating the need for special bit guide packoff runs
  • Slip-type casing hangers for common configuration
  • Accommodation of offline cementing programs
  • Availability of service tool rental package
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