Rotating Mandrel Casing Hanger

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Improve cement job integrity and wellbore stability for vertical and horizontal wells

The Cameron rotating mandrel casing hanger’s unique features and running tool enable the operator to rotate the production casing during installation and cementing operations. Rotation optimizes installation of the production casing through restrictions in highly deviated wells and improves the bond integrity of the cement job. The hanger can be installed in a 13 5/8-in MN-DS mutibowl nested-diverter snap-ring wellhead system and is rated up to 10,000-psi working pressure and 15,000-psi fracturing pressure.

Rotating Mandrel Casing Hanger


  • Hanger with effective dynamic rotation by the operator promotes better displacement efficiencies, effective zonal isolation, and less eccentricity in the pipe during cement jobs.
  • Milled flats and four spring-loaded torque dogs in the running tool ensure fast and simple makeup and breakup (right-hand rotation, left-hand disengagement).
  • Fluted mandrel hanger allows for taking returns during the cementing process.
  • Hanger can be internally locked down by a packoff rated to 10,000 psi, with an integral snap ring.
  • Hanger can be run as a standard hanger by removing the torque dogs.
  • Hanger is designed to withstand 20,000 ft.lbf of rotational torque.
  • Running threads are right hand.
  • Hanger can be isolated by installing a backpressure valve (BPV) in the BPV threads.
  • The DSTA cap can be installed with double “P” seals to fit mandrel or slip hangers for inventory and standardization purposes.

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