Centric Mudline Suspension Wellhead Systems

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Robust and low-torque systems with enhanced washout capability

Featuring a patented wash sleeve design that eliminates pipe rotation, Cameron Centric C-15 mudline suspension wellhead systems are reliable in high-pressure, high-load mudline applications. They make it possible to land high casing loads, increasing system versatility, and are capable of pressure ratings up to 15,000 psi. A stack-down configuration eliminates debris traps while a unique split-cage design prevents damage to the cage during compression.

Centric Mudline Suspension Wellhead Systems

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The Centric C-15 EX mudline suspension wellhead system is a standard offering for pressure ratings less than 10,000 psi. It features a deep stack-down design with separate running and tieback threads and incorporates a dual-centralization design and metal sealing capability. The shorter profile makes the system ideal for exploration applications. It retains many of the Centric C-15 system's features and also provides the option to reenter the well.


  • Designed with separate running and tieback threads in a stack-down design, our Centric wellhead systems ensure the ability to tie back.
  • High-pressure and high-casing-load capacities, in addition to several different tooling options that include both threaded- and stab-in-style tieback tools, make Cameron Centric mudline suspension wellhead systems the most versatile on the market. We also offer scab-type hangers when tieback to surface is not required.
  • High washout rates and large-diameter particle passage ensure the system’s performance.

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