Exact Adjustable Wellhead Systems

Simple design and advanced external adjustment drive to enhance safety and reduce installation time

The Cameron Exact-10 adjustable wellhead system was developed specifically to reduce rig installation time and enhance safety. The system is suitable for jackup drilling applications up to 10,000-psi working pressure where adjustment from mudline to surface is required for exploration and predrilling.

The Exact-15 adjustable wellhead system is rated for 15,000-psi working pressure and is suitable for HPHT applications. Reduced installation times, no separate tension equipment requirement, and availability for full-sized and slimhole casing programs are among the benefits of Exact systems.

Exact Adjustable Wellhead Systems

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  • Wellhead is installed under full diverter and BOP control.
  • FastLock quick wellhead connector is used for fast makeup connection.
  • 8 in of adjustment is available on all surface hangers.
  • Indicator pins ensure that a 13 3/8-in surface hanger is correctly engaged.
  • An advanced external adjustment drive is used for 9 5/8-in casing hangers.
  • System provides the ability to land, tension, adjust the landing ring, and lock the 9 5/8-in adjustable casing hanger in a single trip.
  • Solid landing shoulders and a positive lock mechanism increase surface hanger landing integrity.
  • Number of BOP installations is reduced.
  • Shorter installation times lead to increased cost savings.
  • Reduced manual handling enhances safety.
  • Rental systems are readily available from stock.
  • No separate tension equipment is required for any casing string.

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