Wellhead Certification Programs

Helping to safeguard the integrity of field assets for the life of the well

Effective preventive maintenance programs, such as Cameron wellhead and Christmas tree certification programs, help ensure that wells remain viable in fields with long lives. Some fields continue producing commercially viable quantities of oil and gas past their expected lifetime. Defects from lack of equipment maintenance and exposure to various forms of degradation, such as corrosion, erosion, fatigue, physical impacts, or environment loading, can lead to production downtime or even catastrophic consequences due to equipment failure.

Wellhead Certification Programs

Certification of Fitness for Service for Wellheads and Christmas Trees Under Flowing Conditions

During the field inspection and general conditioning of your assets, our field service technicians evaluate and document the condition of the wellhead and Christmas tree and observe for any external leaks.

Certification of Wellhead and Christmas Tree Integrity Under Shut-In Conditions

Cameron issues certification of wellhead and Christmas tree integrity on completion of the necessary tests after the well is secured and shut in, including integrity testing of casing and tubing hanger seals.

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Reduced Intervention Time by 83% and Increased Recovery, Congo

Maintenance Strategy Reduces Intervention Time by 83% and Increases Recovery, Congo
Cameron employed a detailed well survey and a planned maintenance strategy to help the operator recover more than 186,854 bbl in lost oil production per intervention, increase uptime, and improve safety.
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Wellhead Repair & Remanufacturing

Wellhead Repair & Remanufacturing
Cameron offers a full range of wellhead repair and remanufacturing services to restore your wellhead to the level you specify, with factory warranties and installation support. Visit Wellhead Repair & Remanufacturing page