FastLock Quick Wellhead Connector

Safer, faster, and easier to make up than flanged or clamp connectors

Cameron FastLock quick wellhead connectors are designed to meet the needs of drilling and production with regard to handling safety and makeup time. The majority of connections on surface and platform drilling and production equipment have either flanged or clamped connectors. While these connectors have their own advantages, our FastLock connector is designed to overcome some of the disadvantages. The result is a connector that uses field-proven Cameron concepts and technology, combined with additional performance features.

FastLock Quick Wellhead Connector

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  • Improved safety: There is no hub face separation up to the test pressure.
  • Simple design: The connector has no loose parts that need to be installed when it is run.
  • Ease of repair: All operating components subject to wear are field replaceable.
  • Low makeup torque: Low-friction coating is applied to the sliding surfaces, which helps lower the makeup torque. In addition, the mechanical advantage obtained by loading against a double 15° hub angle reduces the required torque.
  • Safety release: A secondary release mechanism for retracting the drive screws is provided in case there are issues with the drive screw threads.
  • Higher standards: The FastLock connector is designed for sour service.
  • Speedy makeup: Laboratory makeup of the 13 5/8-in, 15,000-psi FastLock connector was accomplished in less than 15 minutes.

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