FlangeLock Low-Torque Wellhead Connector

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Fast makeup, low torque requirement, low cost

Cameron FlangeLock low-torque wellhead connectors combine the fast makeup and low-torque requirement of FastLock quick wellhead connectors with the inherent low cost of flange connections. They are designed specifically for completion applications. After removal of the FastLock BOP connector, the FlangeLock connector can be bolted directly to the FastLock connector hub.

FlangeLock Low-Torque Wellhead Connector

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  • Metal-to-metal sealing: The FlangeLock connector uses the same proven metal-to-metal sealing CF gasket as our FastLock connector.
  • Field ready: The FlangeLock connector attaches directly to the FastLock connector hub.
  • Smaller OD: This connector is significantly smaller in diameter than the equivalent API flange. The flange diameter of the connector is the same as the diameter of the hub.
  • Low torque: A larger number of smaller cap screws is used on the FlangeLock connector to keep the makeup torque within the range of lightweight, compact torque wrenches. The makeup torque of the screws on the 13 5/8-in, 5,000-psi connector is 970 ft.lbf; the screws on the 20 3/4-in, 3,000-psi connector are made up to 660 ft.lbf.

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