About Us

Company Profile

With over 5000 employees in more than 50 countries, Geoservices provides a range of skills that help evaluate hydrocarbon reservoirs and optimize field exploration, development and production.

The company is the leading mud logging company, and has invested heavily in the development of new technology for exploration and appraisal well activities, particularly in the emerging deepwater market.

In March 2010 Geoservices was acquired by Schlumberger, adding mud logging technology to the existing Schlumberger portfolio— an important step in the development of higher-performance drilling systems. Geoservices slickline services are now fully integrated within the Schlumberger Slickline Services Technology segment, with Geoservices continuing to deliver services in a number of countries.

Research and Development

Research has long been an important company value in Geoservices. In a highly competitive market such as the oil services sector, possessing a technological advantage is the differentiating factor and is the only way to stay ahead. Geoservices employs researchers for high-level research in a variety of subjects, from applied mathematics to signal processing, nuclear physics, and physico-chemistry, through to purely technological problem solving such as very high temperature electronics.

Our researchers are given the autonomy and responsibility to implement strategies, approaches, and partnerships. Geoservices promotes a project-based organization that enables engineers to follow an idea from theoretical development to testing in real wells. This hands-on, highly-dynamic R&D strategy has enabled Geoservices to introduce new services to the market quickly and to become the leading mud-logging company.

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