MegaStir offers licensing and equipment for a proprietary friction stir welding (FSW) system that effectively and consistently welds the latest generation of steel-and nickel-base alloys and other high-temperature metals, as well as aluminum alloys. Metals are not melted, but instead softened, stirred with a special tool, and forged together.

This joining process offers many advantages compared with traditional arc welding, including reduced distortion, elimination of solidification defects, greater efficiency, and lower environmental impact. Because joining takes place below the melting point of the material, a very high-quality weld can be created with low heat input, no filler material, and no fumes.


The latest in high- and low-temperature FSW, telemetry, spot welding, and more.

Friction Stir Welding Technology

Proprietary technologies that enable friction bit joining and joining nonweldable materials.


A full suite of friction stir welding services, including full-production welding, bit joining, custom machining, prototyping, and more.

Products and Services Catalog

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