Omni Seals is a company built for growth with a portfolio that extends from elastomeric products rated for the extreme temperatures and pressures in oil and gas wells and aerospace engines to defense and medical arenas. With customers in numerous countries worldwide, we specialize in providing solutions to your toughest challenges.

A long supporter the oil and gas industry, Omni Seals has played a role in more than 1,000,000 roller cone bit runs, 70% of the Hart’s E&P world records for roller cone bits, and 50% better seal reliability. Together, Smith Bits and Omni Seals partner as the market leader and hold numerous world records, including

  • longest single distance drilled by a roller cone bit
  • longest footage drilled with a roller cone bit
  • longest footage drilled with a two-cone bit
  • longest footage drilled with a milled-tooth bit.

Omni Seals has improved roller cone bit seal reliability by more than 100% over a ten-year period despite increasingly challenging drilling conditions.

Our ISO 9001–certified 140,000-ft2 facility is known for its exceptional cleanliness and houses everything from our sophisticated in-house laboratory and testing equipment to our state-of-the-art manufacturing machines. By customizing an elastomeric compound for specific requirements and applications, Omni Seals can help you improve the properties of a current formulation or develop something new to efficiently meet your objectives.


Molding facilities are available for both high-volume, mass-produced parts and small batches of prototypes.

Engineering and Materials R&D

Our chemists and engineers can tailor an elastomeric compound for your specific application.


The elastomer lab at Omni Seals conducts the full range of mechanical property and ASTM International tests.

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