Custom-Molded and Specialty Seals

Omni Seals was founded on the ability to mold high-performance seals for specialized and demanding applications ranging from dynamic sealing in high-temperature and abrasive geothermal drilling to low-torque applications in which energy efficiency is key. We also have considerable experience in improving seal performance. For example, we improved roller cone bit seal reliability for Smith Bits, a Schlumberger company, by more than 100% over a 10-year period, despite increasingly challenging drilling conditions.

Bonding-Critical Application: HOLD RCD System Sealing Elements

Omni Seals manufactures the sealing elements critical for operating the HOLD RCD rotating control device system from M-I SWACO, a Schlumberger company. These sealing elements, visible as the blue components sealing on the drillpipe, are an example of an application where bonding elastomer to metal is critical.

Our custom sealing products range from custom-sized O-rings to multimaterial and multicomponent seals for dynamic applications. We have the ability to integrate elastomers with multiple materials—plastics such as PTFE or phenolics, metals like brass or stainless steel, and fabrics such as nylon and Kevlar—into turn-key products to meet the needs of challenging applications. Bonding elastomers to other materials allows for incorporation of fabric for more durable products, coating with PTFE for enhanced chemical resistance, or being directly attached to metal components for enhanced structural strength.

Custom sealing products

  • Diaphragms from simple single-material designs to complex designs with four or more different materials
  • Chevron and T-seals with one or multiple durometers or fabric-reinforced surfaces
  • Low-torque radial seals that allow dynamic sealing of a rotating shaft while maintaining low torque requirements

Prevent Presetting and Spinning During Millout

Diamondback composite drillable frac plug
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