O-Rings & Kits

Omni Seal O-Rings are available in many standard sizes and various material grades to suit a range of temperature- and chemical-resistance requirements. Our chemists can optimize formulas to meet specific fluid and temperature environments as well as manufacture custom O-Rings and advise optimal gland dimensions and tolerances to ensure that you continuously receive the best sealing solution.

If you need more than one kind of O-Ring or rubber item, we can also supply them in the form of convenient kits, which facilitate use, inventory, and ordering. Kitting can help you make sure the right parts are ordered for every job and simplify operations for your assembly technicians. Kits can include custom-molded elastomeric products and even some nonelastomeric items, including backup and scraper rings made of brass, polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) such as Teflon, or polyether etherketone (PEEK).

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O-Rings in Every Size and Material

O-Rings in Every Size and Material
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