Other Custom-Molded Products

Omni Seals manufactures many custom-molded products for nonsealing applications in a range of industries. We have developed enhanced bonding technology to apply rubber to any material and surface. This ability allows us to work with our customer’s engineering group to create concepts that help them achieve goals previously not considered possible.

We can also mold thermoset plastics such as phenolic and create custom shapes of any size or shape, allowing for cost-effective manufacturing of shapes that would be expensive, or impossible, to machine. Additionally, we can bond elastomer to our bonded phenolic components, opening even more possibilities.

Our skilled chemists have a history of developing elastomers to meet specific applications. Formulations can be optimized for abrasion resistance, vibration transmission, electrical conductivity, chemical resistance, or thermal properties.

Whether you need shock absorbers, electrical connectors, vibration dampers, bonded rollers, or drive system bushings and centralizers, Omni Seals can engineer a product to meet your needs.

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