Apura Gas Separation Membrane

No chemical usage and 30% or more improvement in recovery of saleable hydrocarbons

The Apura gas separation membrane is exclusively marketed and distributed globally by Schlumberger. The durable, spiral-wound, multilayer composite membrane is ideally suited to seamlessly replace traditional cellulose acetate (CA) spiral-wound elements for acid gas removal to meet pipeline transmission specifications. 

Apura membranes are designed for use in high-pressure, medium- to low-CO2 applications for bulk and fine removal of contaminants such as water, CO2, H2S. 

APURA gas-separation membrane

The smaller ecological footprint, reduced power consumption, and zero chemical requirements provide substantial savings on total cost of ownership and release fewer emissions compared with amine systems. 


  • Increases recovery of saleable hydrocarbons 30% or more compared with traditional CA spiral-wound membranes.
  • Extends membrane life up to 40% in water-rich conditions.
  • Enables simple plug-and-play replacement of CA spiral-wound membranes.
  • Releases fewer emissions than amine systems.
  • Eliminates chemical requirements.
  • Reduces power requirements.

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