THIOPAQ O&G Biodesulfurization System

Cost-effective, reliable, robust, and environmentally friendly solution for H2S removal from natural gas

The THIOPAQ O&G biodesulfurization system uses nonhazardous, naturally occurring, and self-regulating bacteria to convert H2S in a produced gas stream to manageable solid elemental sulfur that can be used in a variety of agricultural applications or disposed of in a landfill. It thus addresses the twin goals of environmental stewardship and positive economics.

THIOPAQ O&G biodesulfurization system

In general, the process removes H2S from low-, medium-, and high-pressure streams in direct treat operations. It can also be easily installed for indirect treating and runs downstream of amine, Claus, and membrane units for emissions cleanup and sulfur recovery. The THIOPAQ O&G system is able to produce treated gas that meets a typical H2S outlet specification of 4 ppm or less.


  • System requires significantly less chemicals compared with other competing technologies.
  • Nonsticky sulfur product results in easier operability, less downtime from clogging, more sulfur disposal options (agricultural and landfill), and less sulfur-handling equipment.
  • Nontoxic waste streams are disposed of more easily compared with conventional sweetening processes.
  • Naturally occurring biological process is an environmentally friendly green technology.
  • Nontoxic process provides the end user with simple operation and low maintenance.
  • Environmental Technology Verification—produced in association with the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)—enables easier regulatory compliance and approval.

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