NATCO SHV Flare Emission Control System

Enabling gas producers to comply with emission regulations

The NATCO SHV Flare emission control system can be installed downstream of glycol reboiler still columns to burn unwanted emissions and help gas producers comply with environmental regulations governing benzene, toluene, ethylbenzene, and xylene (BTEX) and volatile organic compound (VOC) emissions.

NATCO SHV Flare Emission Control System

The proprietary system delivers BTEX and VOC destruction efficiency of 95%–98%. Reboiler emission vapors are superheated before being burned to eliminate costly liquid disposal.

The system and piping are designed to reduce backpressure on the atmospheric glycol reconcentration system. This design feature prevents glycol contamination in the reboiler surge tank. The vapor superheater uses waste heat from the reboiler flue gas to superheat the emissions, so no other heat source is required. The system also provides emission control for new or existing glycol dehydration systems, with easy retrofitting of existing units.


  • Proprietary internal-burner venturi design uses less fuel gas, generates greater VOC combustion (destruction) efficiency, and provides reduced glycol reflux column backpressure, reducing opex.
  • External superheater (stack heat exchanger) reduces liquid accumulation and disposal, enhances clean burn and water vaporization, and operates in cold weather without freezing, reducing opex.
  • Natural draft design has no blowers, reducing utilities and both capex and opex.

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