Condensate Stabilizer

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Standardized modular systems for NGL recovery

Our condensate stabilizers are designed to separate natural gas liquid (NGL) fractions and convert them into Y-grade NGL or suitable hydrocarbon liquid products.

Condensate Stabilizer

The unique design of these stabilizers enables them to handle variable turndown capability with a distinctive system assembly that is also suitable for operating in remote locations. The system is modular, with the exchanger, stabilizer column (packed), stabilizer reboiler, and glycol unit packaged in one unit.


  • Standardized 2,000-bbl/d and 5,000-bbl/d designs reduce construction costs and capex.
  • Turndown capability helps to meet required liquid production rate, optimizing opex.

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Our global network of personnel provides a wide range of services, including conceptual design, project execution, precommissioning, commissioning, operations, remote monitoring, and technical support.
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