Phase Separation

Flexible and highly efficient separation of liquids and solids from gas streams

Gas entering a treatment facility can contain solids and liquids, either as particulates or as a distinct phase. These solids and liquids must be removed before the gas is sent onward for additional processing and purification.

High-Efficiency Phase Separation Internals

Improve separation of oil, gas, sand, and water while reducing costs and risk.


Removes liquids from gas containing low amounts of liquid, with a removal efficiency of 99.99% down to 10 um. 

PORTA-TEST WHIRLYSCRUB V Single-Stage Gas Scrubber

Provides solids and liquid removal from gas containing moderate amounts of liquid, with a removal efficiency of 99.9% down to 10 um.

NATCO VUF Three-Phase Vertical Upflow Separator

Removes small amounts of liquids and solids from the vapor stream for cost-effective separation at low pressures and low flow rates.
Download product sheet (0.43 MB PDF)

Horizontal Longitudinal Flow Separator

Incorporates NATCO separation technology with custom designs for specific applications and is suitable for a full range of gas/oil ratios, pressures, and flow rates. Download product sheet (0.21 MB PDF)

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Services from Concept Through Operations

Separation and processing related services
Our global network of personnel provides a wide range of services, including conceptual design, project execution, precommissioning, commissioning, operations, remote monitoring, and technical support.
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