Liquid removal from gases with low liquid loading

The PORTA-TEST WHIRLYSCRUB I inline separator provides excellent liquid removal, with a removal efficiency of 99.99% down to 10 um. Designed for separation of liquids from gases in natural gas or steam service, it is ideal for pipelines and processing facility applications with gas-dominant streams containing low amounts of liquid (3 bbl/MMcf or less).


Conventional separators typically use wire mesh, vane-type mist extractors, or filter cartridges to remove solid and liquid particles. To be effective, these devices must be operated at relatively low velocities. However, the PORTA-TEST WHIRLYSCRUB I separator uses the energy of the flowing gas to achieve separation, resulting in smaller separator size and weight and a reduced installation cost. Moreover, there are no consumables.


  • Compact design in a single vessel
  • Reduced space and weight requirement, compared with other technologies
  • No consumables, such as filter cartridges, necessary because separation achieved through the cyclonic design of the internals
  • Particularly effective removal of residual glycol from a gas stream downstream of a contactor

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