Reservoir-Integrated Production System

The smarter way from oil flow to cash flow

Introducing the reservoir-responsive Schlumberger integrated production system equipped with leading process technologies, connecting subsurface and surface expertise from design through operations.

Power productivity from the ground up

Only Schlumberger has the industry-leading technologies, domain expertise, and digital enablement to conduct multidisciplinary projects that integrate reservoir characterization for optimizing facility design and operations across the life of the field.

Multidiscipline remote monitoring

The fully integrated production system globally connects the subsurface with the surface. Changes in production are proactively matched and managed, with the constantly updated reservoir model serving as the vital narrative guiding maximum recovery and optimization for any targeted production rate, effluent condition, or export quality requirement.

Digitally connected for optimization

Seamlessly connected, digitally enabled, and software controlled, the production system integrates data analytics, process modeling, and automation of best practices to ensure flow assurance and optimal production.

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Global map of production system locations.Obtain first oil faster, achieve early cash flow, stage investment decisions, reduce risk, and maximize recovery.
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