BILECTRIC HF High-Frequency AC Desalter

Ideal for desalting challenging crude slates, including low-API and conductive crude oils

The BILECTRIC HF high-frequency AC desalter is proven to be the most efficient and compact AC desalter available in the refinery industry. 

BILECTRIC HF High-Frequency AC Desalter

Efficient desalting provides numerous advantages that benefit opex and capex:

  • The high operating interface level lengthens water residence, resulting in better water outlet quality.
  • Improved water droplet coalescence and emulsion resolution lowers basic sediment and water (BS&W) and pounds of salt per thousand barrels (PTB) of treated crude.
  • Lower demulsifier dosage decreases opex.
  • Separate power units for each energized electrode reduce operational impact in the event of a loss of a power unit or electrical component.
  • Unique three-grid design—top two grids performing coalescence while the lower grid conducts interface resolution—improves overall desalter performance.
  • Rag control and rag elimination using the rag buster routine in the NATCO LRC-II smart interface increases uptime.
  • Faster process recovery after upsets and higher desalter availability are more attainable through use of the LRC-II interface.
  • Improved mixing of water droplets reduces washwater usage.

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