PETRECO METERCELL Distillate Treater

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High-efficiency treatment and purification of hydrocarbon distillates at low operating cost

The PETRECO METERCELL distillate treater is proved to remove a wide array of contaminants from hydrocarbon distillates. The culmination of nearly 100 years of evolution and research, it is engineered with flexible processes and demanding purity standards in mind.

PETRECO METERCELL Distillate Treater

The treater's electrostatic precipitators are designed as hydrocarbon distillate treaters and can be used for dehydration, strong or weak caustic treating, acid treating, and water washing of hydrocarbon streams. METERCELL treaters provide several advantages:

  • consistent maximum reaction or washing as a result of emulsification
  • design that ensures plug flow and 100% treatment of all hydrocarbons 
  • reduced chemical costs 
  • reduced pollution 
  • minimal lost product 
  • minimal contamination of separated material 
  • low energy consumption (<1 kW/h) and operating costs
  • low maintenance.

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