Oilfield Water Treatment Services

Frac-grade water on demand

Reliably delivering a high-rate daily output of up to 120,000 bbl of frac-grade water, our oilfield water treatment services enable using surface water for onsite frac water sourcing. By substantially reducing the need to access and produce from freshwater aquifers or truck in water supplies, this self-contained, trailer-based, plug-and-play system significantly reduces water costs. The mobile inline treatment automatically adapts to changing input quality and quantity without interrupting operations for reconfiguration. Produced water can also be easily treated to augment frac water inflow.

Oilfield Water Treatment interactive

The performance predictability of single-sourced or commingled frac water is assured by at-rate separation at 100 bbl/min and higher. NPT resulting from poor or inconsistent water quality, such as screenouts and pump failures, is prevented to support operational continuity. Depending on your water needs, the Voraxial impeller-induced cyclonics inside the mobile unit can be paired with a high-intensity ultraviolet (UV) light source to efficiently neutralize any biologically active agents in the water and prevent souring. Further chemical treatments can be added on the fly in the mobile unit.

Onsite solids removal

Separating solids from liquids at the wellsite reduces waste transport and disposal costs while protecting equipment and operational integrity. No longer does the solids-laden water have to be trucked to conventional treatment facilities for separation prior to reuse or disposal. With the entrained solids removed, the produced water is not contributing to the accumulation of tank bottoms that require cleaning. Erosion—and potential failure—of transmission pipelines is greatly reduced when fluids do not have solids content eroding the inner pipe wall.

Pond management: quality and compliance

Ponded frac water is easily flipped to meet regulatory requirements by applying Voraxial impeller-induced cyclonics to quickly remove any oil sheen and solids. UV and oxidation treatments are then used to effectively neutralize microbes and destroy residual polymers.

Streamlined saltwater disposal

In addition to recycling produced water for use as frac water or injection to maintain production, oilfield water treatment services can be applied to improve the quality of water destined for disposal. Removing oil that can be sold, solids, and biological matter can improve the lifespan and operability of saltwater disposal wells by reducing the need for well cleanouts. Similarly, the additional oil recovery improves overall opex costs for disposal well operators.

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Simultaneous Three-Way Separation

Voraxial inline
Voraxial impeller-induced cyclonics provides single-pass separation of water, oil, and solids.
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