Processing & Separation Services

From concept through operations

The challenge for operators to reduce downtime and yet enhance safety and reliability is greater than ever. Our global network of experienced engineers, technicians, and service personnel is available to conceptualize the design of your facility, deliver the optimized system, start up and commission, provide support or full operations management, arrange for routine preventive maintenance and health checks, or simply provide you with remote technical support to ensure your operations stay online through the life of your field.

Conceptual design

Our highly qualified process design engineers have extensive experience in full system design for oil, water, and gas treatment systems worldwide. We will select a team to work with you to assess your requirements and optimize the design using our industry leading technologies.

Project execution

A global network of project execution teams complements our process solutions with the capability to deliver projects of any size, including individual skid-mounted equipment, offshore modules, and complete integrated facilities. With our strong focus on HSE, quality, risk management, and planning, you can be assured that your project will be delivered on time and on budget.

Precommissioning and commissioning

On completing delivery of your new process system, our team of service engineers partners with you to ensure that the equipment is installed and commissioned efficiently, accurately, and on time.

Operational support or management

Once your facility is up and running, our team can provide further training and onsite operations assistance until your personnel are confident that they have full control of the operation. We can also operate your facility for you, providing continuity and consistency from concept through operation.

Preventive maintenance

Whether you have a recently installed facility or an established operation, our service technicians can conduct an audit and suggest preventive maintenance plans to mitigate issues that could cause subpar performance or downtime. Drawing on years of experience in the oil and gas processing industry, we provide you with advice tailored to your requirements.

Process audits

Because maintaining the expected output is as important as keeping operations online, we provide routine audits specific to our equipment to ensure that your facility is running at optimal levels. Over time, inlet conditions and other factors that affect facility performance can change, and equipment may need adjustment to maintain or improve performance. Our team will pinpoint specific measures to achieve these goals.

Remote monitoring

Remote condition monitoring of your process facility continuously improves system performance and helps maintain system integrity. Our service engineers and process design experts analyze data in real time to ensure that your system is operating at optimal levels. They are available for e-mail and telephone consultation with your operations team and provide a monthly status report, including an executive summary, performance data, economic data, and operating recommendations for your facility.

OEM spare parts

We provide expertly engineered, high-quality OEM parts and components for all our processing systems, ensuring reliable operation, lower maintenance costs, and greater safety, resulting in long-term savings for our customers.

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Optimize Your Processing & Treatment Facilities

Process Optimization
We provide continuous product improvement, testing, and design optimization under actual operating conditions; application piloting using source hydrocarbons; and training.
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