Solids Management

Managing solids throughout your gas and liquid process

The presence of solids in production fluids can be detrimental throughout the process train, causing erosion-related equipment damage, system fouling and plugging, and inefficient equipment performance. Our solids management technologies enable separation, transportation, and treatment of solids prior to disposal.

Combining these technologies with our expertise in reservoir characterization and well testing enables us to help you optimize facility design and flow assurance planning. Knowing when you will have solids in your production fluids and the nature of these solids is a significant advantage in designing a separation and handling system and mitigating production downtime.   

Hydrocyclonic Solids-Water Separation

Increased solids removal while allowing full production and reducing downstream issues through the treatment of produced water, aquifer water, and deballast water; hydrocarbon desanding; and other sand cleaning operations.

Wellhead Solids Removal

Unmatched performance and durability in one of the most aggressive solids management applications—sand removal from wellhead fluids for the protection of downstream equipment.

Settled Solids Management

Compact and efficient device used to generate flowing slurry from solids settled at the bottom of a tank or vessel.

Wellhead & Production Desanding

A new generation of solids separation technology that is specifically aimed at multiphase wellstreams.

Solids Treatment & Disposal

Technologies that integrate with sophisticated process design methodologies to provide you with the tools to optimize sand management for every application, including multiphase, in separator, and liquid phase.

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Services from Concept Through Operations

Separation and processing related services
Our global network of personnel provides a wide range of services, including conceptual design, project execution, precommissioning, commissioning, operations, remote monitoring, and technical support.
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Optimize Your Processing & Treatment Facilities

Process Optimization
We provide continuous product improvement, testing, and design optimization under actual operating conditions; application piloting using source hydrocarbons; and training.
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