MOZLEY Wellhead Desander Solids Removal System

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Eight times longer lifespan in aggressive multiphase well fluid environments

The MOZLEY Wellhead Desander solids removal system provides unmatched performance and durability in one of the most aggressive solids management applications—sand removal from wellhead fluids to protect downstream equipment.

MOZLEY Wellhead Desander Solids Removal System

Selection of the hydrocyclone internals depends on the range of viscosities and specific gravities of the well fluids and the operating gas/liquid ratios. Proper selection ensures optimal performance throughout the operating ranges.


  • Special silicon nitride ceramics developed expressly for use in the solid ceramic hydrocyclone liners provide wear resistance eight times greater than standard grades of ceramic liners or ceramic-coated hydrocyclones.
  • Downtime related to cyclone wear and replacement is reduced, leading to lower opex.
  • Slugging of solids does not plug the self-cleaning hydrocyclone liners, further reducing downtime and opex.
  • For less strenuous duty, a single-liner configuration with a simpler vessel design and reduced number of internals can meet your operational needs while reducing capex.
  • Downstream equipment receives superior wear protection.

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