Water Treatment

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Systems for comprehensive management of produced water, seawater, and wastewater

Efficient and effective water treatment is essential to meet HSE and operational guidelines for oil and gas applications. Our water treatment and management solutions range from bulk oil removal to polishing for reinjection. A broad portfolio of industry-leading technologies and engineers with global experience enable us to design customized water treatment systems, successfully meeting project expectations with continued performance throughout the life of the facility.

Impeller-Induced Cyclonics

Oil Removal & Polishing

Systems for removing oil and suspended solids entrained in produced water to enable reuse, discharge, or disposal of the water.

Seawater Treatment

Systems to treat seawater for biofoulants, dissolved oxygen, and suspended or dissolved solids and make it suitable for oil and gas industry applications. 

Wastewater Treatment

Enhanced gravity separation and filtration solutions to reduce loading on biological systems and ensure that treated wastewater meets discharge or reuse requirements.

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Simultaneous Three-Way Separation

Voraxial inline
Voraxial impeller-induced cyclonics provides single-pass separation of water, oil, and solids.
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