MYCELX RE-GEN Advanced Water Treatment Media

Treats water with 95% single-pass efficiency—without chemicals

MYCELX RE-GEN advanced water treatment media is a proprietary backwashable media used for oily wastewater streams and produced and process water. Coated with a patented polymer, the media provides an economically sustainable treatment for removal of oils and suspended solids down to 5 um with 95% single-pass effectiveness, without the use of chemicals.

MYCELX RE-GEN media can function as a primary or secondary treatment option for oil and solids removal. Influent water quality, discharge requirements, and the end use of the treated water dictate the treatment system design.

Generates process and cost savings

For chemical enhanced oil recovery (CEOR) applications, polymer- and chemical-laden water that has been treated with MYCELX RE-GEN media can be recycled for reuse in the injection field and, in the case of polymer, with no viscosity loss across the system. The media removes oils and solids but very little to none of the water-soluble enhanced oil recovery (EOR) products. In thermal EOR, removing the oil and solids before sending the produced water to a softener generates process and cost savings.


  • Removes free and dispersed oil, solids, and oil-coated solids down to 5 um in one step, without requiring additional chemicals for water separation
  • Treats CEOR produced water from polymer and alkaline-surfactant-polymer (ASP) floods without absorbing the polymer
  • Has a long life cycle and low operating cost
  • Prevents process upsets and excursions with minimal impact on performance

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Expanding the EOR Envelope

Study results show how MYCELX RE-GEN advanced water treatment media treats emulsified chemical EOR waters.
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