UNICEL Vertical IGF Induced-Gas Flotation Unit

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Efficient oil/water separation for flow rates ≥160,000 bbl/d

For locations that require a compact vessel footprint, the UNICEL Vertical IGF induced-gas flotation unit is a simple, hydraulically operated gas flotation machine that delivers efficient oil/water separation with complete process containment.

UNICEL Vertical IGF Vertical Induced-Gas Flotation Unit


  • Compact, lightweight, vertical installation
  • No internal moving parts—low maintenance
  • Minimal power requirements
  • External eductor for ease of maintenance of eductor and a lower opex 
  • Streamlined mechanical design facilitating manufacturing, resulting in lower capex 
  • Individual units for flow rates from 1,000 bbl/d to more than 160,000 bbl/d [160 m3/d to more than 25,400 m3/d] 
  • Separation efficiency up to 98%

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