Seawater Treatment

Technologies to render seawater suitable for use in hydrocarbon production

Oil and gas facilities use seawater for a variety of applications, including enhanced oil recovery (EOR), equipment cooling, fire suppression, potable water generation, and desalter operations. Prior to its use, seawater must be suitably treated for biofoulants, dissolved oxygen, and suspended or dissolved solids.

Biofoulant Control

Effective biofoulant control is necessary to prevent contamination of seawater treatment systems by macroorganisms, such as mussels and barnacles, and microorganisms, such as bacteria.

Dissolved Solids Removal

Nanofiltration and reverse osmosis technologies remove dissolved solids from seawater used for injection to minimize reactions with formation water that can cause scaling, souring, and other downhole issues. 


Our range of filtration systems delivers different levels of solids removal to meet specific operational, utility, and space and weight requirements.

CDX Compact Deoxygenation System

Compact, lightweight, and robust CDX systems remove oxygen from seawater before it is injected downhole, reducing corrosion in tubulars and pipelines.

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Services from Concept Through Operations

Separation and processing related services
Our global network of personnel provides a wide range of services, including conceptual design, project execution, precommissioning, commissioning, operations, remote monitoring, and technical support.
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Water Injection Systems Solutions

Water Injection Systems Solutions brochure
For more than 30 years, Schlumberger has been a leader in designing turnkey water injection systems for various operating environments and water types, including ocean, river, aquifer, and produced water for reinjection. Download brochure (1.5 MB PDF)