BFCC Copper Chlorine System

Tested and environmentally gentle system to prevent biofouling of water systems

Proven, efficient, reliable, and with a low environmental impact, the BFCC copper chlorine system produces copper and chlorine at low concentrations that act synergistically to prevent biofouling in a variety of water systems.

BFCC Copper Chlorine System

Without effective biofoulant control, a seawater treatment system can become contaminated with macroorganisms, such as mussels and barnacles, and microorganisms, such as bacteria. These organisms can cause corrosion, restrict flow, irreversibly foul equipment, and cause additional operational issues.

With more than 25 years of proven reliability, in excess of 160 units operating worldwide in a wide variety of applications, no moving parts, and no requirement for a hydrogen disengagement system, the BFCC system is smaller and less expensive than other units available on the market—even in comparison with conventional sodium hypochlorite generators—and requires much less power and maintenance.


  • Proven lower copper and chlorine dosing rates, compared with copper aluminum or chlorine dosing alone, enable a smaller cell design, reducing space and weight requirements and thereby lowering capex.
  • Lower copper and chlorine dosing rates also mean a smaller power unit, further reducing space and weight requirements and also decreasing the power requirement, thereby reducing capex and opex.
  • The lower chlorine injection rate reduces corrosion caused by chlorine and lowers opex.
  • Smaller stand-alone units do not require hydrogen disengagement tanks, reducing space and weight requirements even more and lowering capex.
  • The proven reliability of the simple cell design increases run times and improves protection of other seawater treatment equipment, reducing opex.
  • The patented Sequence Target Dosing system increases the reliability of the dosing system through a reduction in cell fouling, reducing opex.

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