METROL SEA-CELL Electrochlorinator

Controlling biofoulants by using the naturally occurring chloride ions in seawater

Streamlined, environmentally friendly, and efficient, the METROL SEA-CELL electrochlorinator uses electricity and the naturally occurring chloride ions in seawater to generate sodium hypochlorite for effective control of biofoulants.

METROL SEA-CELL Electrochlorinator

This electrochlorinator has a wide range of applications, including onshore for industrial and refinery cooling water; on offshore oil and gas platforms for firewater, cooling, and water injection; and on board ships and floating production, storage, and offloading (FPSO) facilities. In addition, it provides increased run-times and protection of other seawater treatment equipment.

The design is ATEX certified, eliminating the requirement for a secondary enclosure.

Instrumentation and control options

The SEA-CELL electrochlorinator is available in four standard models, which enable large modular plants to be supplied with a reduced number of cells. It can be incorporated into automated chlorinator packages complete with detailed instrumentation and control features, which provide online availability and fail-safe operation. Packages range from single-cell marine standard units to sophisticated offshore hazardous-area packages. Large-capacity units for application in the power and industrial sectors are also available on a modular basis.


  • Sequenced target dosing reduces scaling and increases reliability.
  • Self-cleaning cell design eliminates any requirement for acid cleaning.
  • Vertical orientation of the generator facilitates removal of the hydrogen byproduct generated in the electrolytic process.
  • The SEA-CELL electrochlorinator has an ingress protection (IP) rating of 65 and can be installed in harsh marine environments with no requirements for secondary enclosures.
  • The electrochlorinator is designed to operate at 145-psi [10-bar] maximum gauge pressure; it has been tested to 220 psi [15.2 bar] and has withstood 580 psi [40 bar] during certification trials without leaks.
  • Compact design reduces weight and space requirements.

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