Sulfate Removal System

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Effective treatment of seawater for injection

Our sulfate removal systems have two main applications. The first is reservoir scale control. Certain salts present in subsurface formations (e.g., barium and strontium salts) react with the sulfates present in seawater and precipitate scale in the reservoir. Removing the sulfates prevents this damage. The second application is souring control. Sulfate-reducing bacteria present in the formation consume the sulfates in seawater and produce H2S, which is acidic, corrosive, and extremely harmful to equipment operation and lifespan. Again, treating the seawater addresses the issue.

Sulfate Removal System


  • Using the sulfate removal system in conjunction with other technologies we provide, such as the Polymem UF seawater ultrafiltration system, enables optimization of design fluxes to reduce the quantity of membranes and hence, capex.
  • With years of design experience and numerous installations, we can customize sulfate removal membrane systems to meet unique project requirements.
  • A full-system process guarantee is available across our extensive range of technologies, rather than just for individual equipment items.

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