Polymem UF Seawater Ultrafiltration System

Superior filtration of suspended solids with reduced weight, space, and cost

In addition to the reservoir requirements, the process equipment used in a seawater treatment system can dictate the necessary level of suspended solids removal. Polymem UF seawater ultrafiltration systems remove suspended particles as small as 0.01 um from seawater and can replace media filters and cartridge filters. They provide significant weight savings compared with media filtration and lower total life cycle cost compared with stand-alone cartridge filtration, independent of varying feedwater quality.

POLYMEM UF Seawater Ultrafiltration System


  • The Polymem UF system is a more compact vessel and package design for equivalent filtration surface area in comparison with other ultrafiltration and microfiltration designs, resulting in space and weight savings and a reduction in customer capex. 
  • Filtration down to the 0.01-um level (i.e., removal of all suspended organic components) results in extremely clean product water passing to downstream systems, which can improve run time and reduce operator intervention.

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