SCB3 Site Communication Box for Use with Real-time Data Transmission

Global communication, 24/7

The Schlumberger SCB3 site communication box provides simple, flexible, and secure access to real-time data from remote wellsites located almost anywhere in the world while enabling automation and data buffering to overcome most communication outages without data loss. The SCB3 uses the high-speed BGAN satellite network to enable remote data communication throughout most of the world.

Fully assembled, standardized equipment

The SCB3 is installed and commissioned in hours by regular field crew and interfaces with standard Schlumberger wellsite acquisition and control systems.

Streamlined installation, customizable design

Clearly labeled field connectors simplify installation and wiring. The hardware is preconfigured for standard Schlumberger acquisition and control systems. Schlumberger wellsite systems can also be customized to integrate additional third-party equipment and sensors that can be critical for complete system monitoring and analysis.


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24/7 Data Transmission via High-speed Satellite Network

BGAN Site Communication Box
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