Choosing the Optimal Artificial Lift System

Derive maximum benefit from a comprehensive portfolio

Our artificial lift solutions portfolio encompasses specialized expertise and complete equipment packages for every flow rate, including rod lift pumps, progressing cavity pumps (PCPs), hydraulic stroking units, electric submersible pumps (ESPs), horizontal surface pumps, and gas lift systems. This equipment can be further customized with an extensive selection of options, such as gas handling and separation devices, rigless ESP replacement systems, variable speed drives (VSDs), and more.

Schlumberger engineers use sophisticated software to select the optimal system for your application from this comprehensive offering, using fluid, well, and reservoir information.

Artificial Lift Applications

LiftSelect Strategic Production Planning Service

DesignRite Artificial Lift Design and Optimization Software

HEAL Horizontal Enhanced Artificial Lift System

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Solutions for Every Artificial Lift Problem

Artificial Lift Catalog
The 2017 Artificial Lift Solutions Catalog is a comprehensive guide to our full range of downhole and surface equipment, software, and services that help you maximize your well performance.
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HEAL System Smooths Slugs, Extends Pump Run Life in 200+ Shale Wells

Slug-Smoothing Technology Sees Over 200 Shale Installs,  Gets Boost From Schlumberger JV
The horizontalĀ­-enhanced artificial lift (HEAL) system—which separates the horizontal from the vertical well sections and regulates the flow between them—has no moving parts and can be connected to any variant of lift system. Read industry article