Industrial & Mining Applications

Field-proven results worldwide

  • In two mines in Queensland, Australia, REDA high-pressure pump systems have been running continuously for more than 4 years—reducing downtime and operating costs.
  • At a mine in Zacatecas, Mexico, high-efficiency ESPs are being used in 17 deep dewatering wells. The high dynamic head capability of the ESPs allows water to be pumped from deep-perimeter and in-pit wells, and discharged directly to reservoirs for beneficial storage use in mine and mineral processing operations.
  • A REDA high-pressure pumping system in the Xstrata Newlands coal mine has been in continuous operation for more than 4 years. The system, which has significantly reduced downtime and operating costs, includes the riser pipe, custom wellhead, and surface piping sub with full mechanical certifications.

Pumping Systems for
Water Management

Pumping Systems for Water Management
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Industrial Pump Applications

  • Water disposal
  • Water floods
  • Booster service
  • Ballast transfer
  • Direct injection
  • Cavern storage
  • Fire protection
  • Irrigation
  • Municipal water systems
  • Commercial water systems